Weekly Schedule

Once you join us as a student, you can look forward to a packed and exciting timetable of lessons, activities, sports and socialising. Life at WIS is fun and busy. We study for three terms in the year – January to April, May to August, September to December – with a few days holiday in the middle of each term for rest and other activities!

Lessons at WIS usually come in 45-minute periods in the PYP and 55-minute periods in the MYP and DP.

As well as classroom time, your weekly timetable at WIS will be made up of:

  • Registration

    Homeroom Teacher takes care of academic and pastoral issues. He or she will also tell you about up-and coming events or successes to be celebrated.

  • Assemblies

    The Assemblies are held fortnightly in both Upper and Lower Primary School and Secondary School – MYP and DP. These assemblies are entirely led by the students and display a glimpse of learning activities that happen in the classrooms across all disciplines and year groups.

  • Physical and Health Education

    In the PYP, this includes: athletics, gymnastics, dance fitness, fundamental skills, football games, hitting sports, throwing sports and swimming. Students discover the capabilities of their bodies by being exposed to a number of situations, which develop motor skills that may later be applied to various sports. Students learn about a healthy, active lifestyle and the way exercise affects their bodies and overall well-being, as well as compete against other CHOPS and ISSSA schools, in both PYP and MYP.

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