Student Support Service

The Student Support Services Team is integrated in the life of the school. The primary focus of the SSS team is to provide services for students who demonstrate need for additional support for learning, or who are experiencing difficulties that affect their physical, social or emotional well-being and impact on their functioning or engagement with school life.

Support is aimed towards helping students to reach their full potential whilst being included fully in the school community. The team also supports and follows the progress of students as they transition from one level of the school to the next.

The Student Support Services Coordinator, together with the counselors and Principals, supports all members of the Student Support Services Team, ensuring that student support needs are looked at holistically, via a collaborative, team approach. The Student Services Team work together to ensure:

  • Support Services practice is consistent with the School Mission Statement, the Principles of Teaching and Learning and IB philosophy/pedagogy;

  • Effective collaboration between the different areas of Student Support exists and that the team collaborates to ensure meets regularly to discuss students needs are met and the plan best options for support are in place and yielding positive results;

  • That team members work collaboratively with class and subject teachers to identify strategies for them to effectively provide support to students with specific needs within their classrooms – to ensure that the focus of student support is to help students to better access the curriculum within the classroom with reduced emphasis on withdrawal;

  • That collaboration with parents takes place, to gather important information and insights, in order to plan appropriate support and/or develop individual learning plans;

  • That a student-centred approach to student support is maintained – that is flexible, dynamic and involves students in their own assessments and in setting their own targets;

Learning Support

WIS is committed to providing a learning environment that allows every learner to feel accepted, valued and supported.

Counselling & Pastoral Care

The school provides a comprehensive counselling service catering for students’ emotional, social, behavioural, educational, and career guidance needs.

ESL Support

English as a Second Language is the linguistic term used to describe a situation where English is the language of instruction and speakers of other languages have to learn English in order to study the academic programmes offered in that school.

Health Support

The school employs a full-time Registered Nurse to provide first aid and emergency treatment for students who become ill or who are injured during the course of the school day.

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