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Dear Westwood Community, Welcome to this latest edition of the Westwood newsletter. I will start by congratulating the Year 11 MYP class of 2021 and all their teachers. We were very pleased to see a set of very good results from the MYP class of 2021. It is particularly pleasing to note that our MYP […]

Year 9a Project for English Class

Westwood International School News

As an IB student, Service Learning is exceptionally important for us, our future, and of course the impact on whatever our service was related to. It promotes learning along the way of helping others or anything around us. As we grow up it teaches us many life lessons and helps us to reflect back on […]

Let’s see what’s happening in Year 2

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YEAR 2A BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES As important as it is for parents to encourage, love and support their children, it is just as important that children learn to create these positive emotions within themselves. SMALL CREATURES WITH YEAR 2C The 2C class learned that small creatures are unique and they play an important role in […]

WIS Compost

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Things are looking ‘green’ at WIS The maintenance staff has worked miracles with the greenery around the school. We are grateful that the ‘Kalahari’ is no more! Thanks to their compost, which is now available to the community at P50 for 50kg

Mokolodi Nature Reserve Clean Up Campaign.

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Just before school closed in Term 2, the Year 13 students visited Mokolodi Nature Reserve. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic Mokolodi has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of volunteers who help to maintain the sanctuary and the staff are finding it difficult to manage the daily maintenance of the animal enclosures. Melissa […]

Geography students go on a tour!

Westwood International School News

The IB Diploma Program, the Geography course encourages systematic and critical study of human and physical environments. In September, The IBDP 1 Geography Students visited Mokolodi for two days to collect data for their Internal Assessment. It was a very insightful and memorable field excursion. At the start of the first day, we had the […]



A Transformation of the Kalahari From a barren wasteland to a bright green garden. Thanks to the hard work of the maintenance staff, and Mr. Jones’ vision, the back of the school has never looked better!