Year 9a Project for English Class

Year 9a Project for English Class

As an IB student, Service Learning is exceptionally important for us, our future, and of course the impact on whatever our service was related to. It promotes learning along the way of helping others or anything around us. As we grow up it teaches us many life lessons and helps us to reflect back on the change we have made and what we can further do to better everyone including ourselves.

For our English Service Project, Ms. Hutcheson’s Year 9A class decided to incorporate what we are learning in class and an English skill that we could improve on others. We have been reading the novel Divergent which mainly focuses on choices, factions (groups of people who have something in common), coming of age, skills etc. The chosen skill that we were to look over was reading skills, therefore we had chosen the Reception classes and Year 3A class to focus on. We had decided to create and present a short and easy quiz to the children based on various book genres, for example; adventure, comedy, fantasy etc. After the children picked out their preferred genre they were allocated to a reading buddy in our class of 9A.

I had the privilege of explaining the quiz to the reception class, as well as the year 3 A class along with a few other students.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading to the children as it not only helped them practice their reading skills but it was a great learning experience as we got to see the trends or preferences of genres among the different classes. I picked up that the younger class of reception enjoyed the comedy genre whilst the Year 3 class enjoyed the fantasy and adventure books. I also had the opportunity to learn the behaviour of children much younger than me and how they would respond to the book and give feedback. This interested me a lot!

Not only was it enjoyable for the children, but it was a good break for our class to be outside rather than to always be in our classroom. I had mixed feelings and emotions on how the children would react and if they would appreciate or simply like what was going on, but I found that they had lots of fun and allowed themselves to learn in a fun environment making it easier for us to engage them into the books.

Article by: Maleeha Tajbhai (9A)

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