Mokolodi Nature Reserve Clean Up Campaign.

Mokolodi Nature Reserve Clean Up Campaign.

Just before school closed in Term 2, the Year 13 students visited Mokolodi Nature Reserve. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic Mokolodi has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of volunteers who help to maintain the sanctuary and the staff are finding it difficult to manage the daily maintenance of the animal enclosures. Melissa in Year 13 organized and planned for her classmates to visit Mokolodi Nature Reserve to support the conservation of the animals and sanctuary in the form of a cleanup campaign. The students were divided into small groups of approximately 4 people and were given the responsibility to clean the vulture cage, the reptile enclosure, the perimeter of the monkey enclosure etc. The students learnt a lot about how endangered vultures are, the causes of their depletion (poisoning, breeding habits, loss of habitat etc), their importance in the ecosystem and how to protect them. The students got to know the vultures well and even made friends with one …. Who enjoyed being pet on the head like a domestic animal!!!

Volunteering at the Mokolodi nature reserve sanctuary

Mokolodi Nature Reserve is one of Gaborone’s most popular tourist destinations. It is a non-profit organization that must provide fantastic tourism attractions. The covid-19 pandemic has had a significant detrimental impact on it because it is a non-profit organization. As a result, they required assistance in preserving its sanctuaries. As a result, I decided to gather my entire class to help clean up their snake park. My class and I assisted in cleaning the snake park by sweeping away all the leaves and cleaning the python’s cages as well as the other reptiles’ water dispensers. cleaning up the entire sanctuary in such a short amount of time required a lot of coordination, this experience has helped us strengthen our collaboration skills.

We became exhausted after a while, but we kept going to fulfill our objectives. I learned that continuing to volunteer at MNR is critical since it strengthens your links to the community and expands your support network. The primary motivation for conservation is to protect wildlife and increase biodiversity. Protecting wildlife and maintaining it for future generations also ensures that the species we care about do not fade into obscurity. The preservation of these habitats aids in the protection of the entire ecosystem. We should continue volunteering at Mokolodi Nature Reserve as a school since it is an excellent way to help them, especially during the pandemic when they are

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