Exhibition time!

Beauty Manake Minister Botswana

Today 2 of our Year 6 students had the privilege to interview the Honourable Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Beauty Morukana Manake on “The impact of Botswana’s reliance on neighboring countries for food in light of COVID-19” in preparation for their PYP Exhibition.

The Real Heroes of WIS

teacher hero westwood

The real heroes of WIS are our teachers. They weren’t trained for it but they do it better than we could have ever imagined! Our teachers are doubling up as Covid-19 healthcare workers everyday, taking care of our community, one child at a time.

P10,000 to Mokolodi Nature Reserve

Westwood Mokolodi Donaton

As friends of Mokolodi Nature Reserve, WIS SRC donated P10,000 to help feed the animals whose natural feeding pattern was adversely affected by the drought. #LetsSupportOurCommunity  #VisitMokolodi    

Funny Hat & Mask Day!

Funny Hat Mask Day

The primary students livened up their week by wearing funny hats and masks to school.