Earth Day Poems

Earth Day Poems

Here are some wonderful Earth Day poems from our Year 5 & 6 students.



The Beautiful Earth
The Green Grass
The Blue Sea
What Else Will There Be Around Me
I Look Around, I Look Around
I See Some Animals on The Ground
I Bend So Low, I Bend So Low
There’s A Bee On My Toe
I Run Away, I Scream So Loud
I Hit A Tree, I Look Up High
And Shout Out What A beautiful Sky
People Look At Me But I Don’t Care, I See The Clouds Above My Eyes
I Wish I can Fly Up In The Air
And Shout Out To Everyone
This Is A Beautiful Earth

~ Uyanda



Clean up the ocean
It is your future
Clean up the coast
Leave things better off for everyone
Earth is our home
Animals and plants need our help
Reuse, reduce, recycle can help earth
Take pride in our planet
Help take part
Doing a little each day will help
You can stop global warming

~Kgotso Andries




earth-day-1Our earth is our home, but there is just one
it gives us water, soil and sun
people and animals share the earth
lets all lend a helping hand
save water, plant a tree
make a better home, for you and me
recycle and don’t throw things away
so we can make everyday an earth day.

~ Lelentle M. 5A

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