Mokolodi CAS and DP Team-Building Experience 2020

Mokolodi CAS and DP Team-Building Experience 2020

On the weekend of February 7, 2020 the IBDP1 students participated in our CAS Orientation, which took place at Mokolodi Nature Reserve. This excursion was not only helpful in understanding the IB Core element of CAS, but also allowed us to grow together as a grade, as we were constantly working in teams to achieve a common goal.

We engaged in a variety of activities, such as athletic team building exercises, CAS sessions and game drives. All of these were informative in their own unique way, and I think I speak for the entire class when I say we feel grateful to have been a part of the experience.

Despite some setbacks faced (lack of electricity, arriving late, etc) the trip was still extremely fun and enjoyable. This was also due to the unexpected events, such as the excellent and filling food, the variety of animals seen on the game drive and last but definitely not least the student lead military/gym sessions in the girl’s dorms.

Overall, I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was a truly pleasant experience and one we will definitely never forget. Many thanks Mrs. Datta-Bhatnagar, Ms. Basimanebothle and Mr. Woodward for supervising and to the entire Mokolodi Nature Reserve team for hosting us so warmly!

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