Health and Wellness Day 2019

A group of students together with other class groups whose Inquiries were health related organized and hosted a Wellness Day as part of their PYP Exhibition Action. Their action was focused on raising awareness of Unhealthy Lifestyles in teenagers and promoting well-being. Their event included health screening, teachings and health education activities which promote well-being. Sixty students from Marulamantsi Junior Secondary School and Believers’ Destiny Academy also participated in the day’s events.

The programme ran from 0745hrs to about 1215hrs. Westwood participants were PYP Y5 and Y6, parents and some MYP students  who were available are to attend.

The programme ran on a 35minutes per station rotation. The stations will be as follows:

  1. Mental Health – Panel discussion on Stress, Depression and Time management : Mrs Kena Nkwonji and Mr B.N Bikimane
  2. Personal Hygiene – hand washing etc : Nurse Busang and Mr L. Male
  3. Nutrition for a healthy life style: Mrs B. Obetile – Bante and Ms Queen Leteemane (      DHMT)
  4. Healthy Sleep Habits for teenagers plus Hydration and Aeration for teens: Mrs J Chari
  5. Movement, exercise and fitness TALK and activities: AEROBICS, ZUMBA and   YOGANASTICS: AWA Gymnasium Mr Advent Monyatsiwa and URBAN EMPIRE: Chisha Mukunko, Radiance Aerial Yoga: Sentle Nchindo, WIS: Thabo

* Running alongside the five stations, was the screening station for

  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood sugar for Diabetes
  • Weight checks for Body Mass Index (BMI)

A lunch pack was provided for the visiting schools. It was prepared and supplied by the Exhibition Group. Thanks to their parents and well-wishers like Tripple MK and Adel Johnson of donated water bottles and supplied lunch for the Facilitators.


Participants from Marulamantsi School and Believers’ Destiny Academy were transported to and from Westwood by the Believer’s Destiny bus accompanied by 4 teachers.

The screening station was in the front and was available to all parents, staff and community as well. The school nurse, Mrs Polokego Busang assisted the Department of Health Management Team (DHMT) during the rotation. Exhibition Students, Year 6 Teachers, mentors and Ministry of Heath Representatives (DHMT) manned and supervised all the activities. 

Submitted by UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLES IN TEENS GROUP Orapeleng, Christiano and Aahil Y6A

Did you know?

Pillar 1: Mind and Emotions

  • – Emotions strongly influence your how you feel.
  • Your bodily aches and discomfort a window to understanding your deeper emotions and beliefs.
  • Changing your beliefs can change your health and your life.

Pillar 2: Breathing

  • Breathing through our nose is more ideal than breathing through your mouth.
  • Breathing with the diaphragm; that is breathing into our abdomen, stomach and intestinal area rather than your upper chest.
  • The slower we breathe the better 6 to 8 times a minute.

 Pillar 3: Hydration

  • All body systems need water
  • To take a sip of water regularly can re-establish and maintain adequate cellular hydration.
  • Alcohol, coffee and caffeine, sugary beverages, and sodium-rich foods will all act to squeeze the water from your body
  • A high-protein diet, dried or dehydrated foods, and excessive high fiber vegetables will all draw fluids from the body.

Pillar 4: Food and Eating

  • Slowly eating your food, chewing it thoroughly, and focusing on the sensations that the food offers are just as important for health and proper digestion.
  • Your body is unique and your needs for foods are also unique.
  • Macronutrients ratios will change from meal to meal due to your activity levels, genetics, and seasonality.

Pillar 5: Movement

  • When you don’t exercise then there is no inspiration for growth.
  • Movement is primarily focused around exercise to change body shape.
  • Movement and exercise can also reduce body fat and can increase muscle.

Pillar 6: Sleep and Waking cycles

  • During the night we go through various stages of sleep, from REM sleep through to very deep sleep without dreams.
  • It is commonly understood that we need around eight hours of sleep per night on average.
  • Cortisol (our awakening hormone) rhythm disruption is at a root of many stress and hormonal disorders.
  • The creation of connection with others is something that we are born into.

Pillar 7: Connection

  • We need connections to access food and shelter.
  • Connections require regular attention and nurturing
  • Connect to yourself, your family, your community, this planet, and all existence.

Adapted from Conscious Lifestyle Magazine by Aahil Muzamil Y6a

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