Westwood – Dukwi partnership

Westwood – Dukwi partnership

Westwood/ Dukwi partnership keeps growing.

Over the past six years, Westwood International School (WIS) Year 6 students have visited Dukwi Primary School to interact with students who comprise mainly refugees to get to understand more about migration. The visit has been transformed from being partly community service to a full Service Learning partnership with Dukwi Primary and the during these visits, the Year 6 pupils have donated clothing, food and books to assist Dukwi pupils meet the general needs of their learning. Since 2016 WIS has spread the support base into the areas of professional development.

During the past August school vacation, two teachers, Jafias Sifani and Olebile Lekoko facilitated a three-day workshop on the Teaching of Reading from the 13th -15th August 2019. The workshop focused on strategies of teaching comprehension skills, assessment among others. This workshop was an example of living the WIS mission statement, …socially responsible, lifelong learners as the two teachers took their social responsibility to help the members of staff at Dukwi improve their teaching skills.

Below are some of the pictures taken during the workshop.

Active engagement during the workshop is evident from the above pictures.

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