Model United Nations – Debate

Model United Nations – Debate

Our most recent debate was on ‘The right to privacy in the digital age.’ In this debate, three groups represented the nations; The United States of America, The United Arab Emirates and The Republic of China. This debate was particularly special because we had recently attained some new members – and had the opportunity to ‘show em around the ropes’.

It was exciting watching our new members participate in their first debate, and we’re happy to say that it went so well that they’ve returned for another debate this week.

In this debate, tension ran high, and it was interesting to see just how passionate we’ve all become about MUN. We had around two weeks to prepare, and the debate was well researched.

The USA stood for the right to the digital privacy of it’s current residents – yet wanted to access the digital information of tourists and immigrants to ensure the right to safety.

The UAE was against the USA getting access from their locals when they travel to the United States and they also were for the right to digital privacy.

Finally, China was against the right to digital privacy of her residents. They believed that they needed to know what their residents were up to.

This debate increased our research skills and our global perspective. These are also learning outcomes to our CAS profile.

We look forward to our next debate this week.

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