Astrophysics Event

Astrophysics Event

On Thursday, September 26th, the physics students of Years 11 and 12 partook in an incredibly interesting and educational presentation done by Bill Tomlinson; an amateur, but passionate astronomer, who has extensive experience beholding the skies of the Southern Hemisphere.

Figure 1. Simulation in which we observed the celestial bodies viewable from the Southern Hemisphere.

His initial presentation on the history of the Universe and its possible future, was enticing and a good overlook of what both classes have learnt in previous lessons. This was followed by a breathtaking simulation of the Southern Hemisphere skies explaining the nature of each celestial body. IN both these presentations we learnt about many topics, but for us it was especially astounding to become aware of the natural favours we have in Botswana for astronomy due to our clear skies, flat landscapes and geographic location

We then had the opportunity to inquire about the presentation, a period in which we were able to interact with Bill and other members of the Astrophysics Society of Botswana by asking a variety of questions concerning the presentation, astronomy, and even the existence of a fourth dimension!

Figure 2. Students, parents and amateur astronomers who attended the presentation.

Overall this was an extremely gratifying experience, as, not only expanded our knowledge on our Universe, but also opened our minds to the possible study and job opportunities that revolve around astrophysics. We encourage everyone to join the Astrophysics Society of Botswana to expand your knowledge on astronomy and explore the beauty of the outer Universe!

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